Oázis Garden Centers is the biggest Garden Center Group in the Hungarian market.

Company data

Oázis, now
In Oázis shopping is an adventure, which is guaranteed by the breathtaking offers and natural, green environment. We always have paid attention to our customers’, partners’ needs; many innovations are linked to our name. Due, Oázis Group has become the Middle-East European region’s biggest plant trade company group.

In center: the customer
Since the foundation of Oázis we are working constantly for the shopping to be an experience. At us, you can “buy groceries” / shop with your family the easy way, the kids love to play around the plants while getting to know the wonders of nature. In our stores well-qualified staff is at your service and our free magazine, published 5 times a year is yours to take away with loads of interesting information. We pay special attention for people with disabilities, our stores are barrier free, and the staff is always there to help you.

Human resource
We believe that a company’s biggest value is the knowledge of its workers. Therefore, we take serious actions to constantly educate our colleagues. For almost every work field, we have developed a unique system, which goal is to increase efficiency, making the labor more accurate and more assured. The basis of our developed professional background is our rich library, in which all domestic gardening books, exercise books and magazines are to be found.
Apart from further gardening and sales instructions, our employees take part in self-knowledge and communication trainings. Furthermore, they have the possibility to gain different licenses (insecticides, machine operating etc.) Our human policy not only subsidizes realistic wage system, but also leisure time activities. We organize professional trips and Oázis reunions frequently.

Technical, logistics background
For a continuous progress a specified company management system is indispensible. The Oázis Group uses more, uniquely developed IT systems, which job is to register supplies and procedures, analyze efficiency and sustain the flow of information steadily. We manage the delicate, temperatured transport of indoor plants with our won logistics. From the Netherlands and Denmark indoor plants, from Sicily mediterranean plants, from the north-east region of Italy, Pistoia, special evergreens and palm trees are delivered to us. Naturally, we like to favor domestic products, so all the seasonal balcony plants, soilballed and containered tree nursery products are domestic.

We categorize our complex activities as following: 

Retailer store
Oázis naturalized the notion of “garden center” in Hungary. The Oázis Gardens are the biggest horticultural thematical stores in the country, operating in a franchise system. The widest variety of indoor plants and assessorial goods and a huge assortment of nursery trees is waiting for all the clients visiting Oázis. Apart from plant accessories (pots, soil, fertilizers, tools etc.) and decoration supplies the customers can choose from a huge selection of services.

Our company group fulfills a significant import and trading functions. Our self standing, wholesale units provide indoor and nursery trees, plant holders and lawn carpets, keeping the retail stores supplied and ensuring the appropriate price for our partners.

Service division
Apart from the warehouse services (transportation, consulting, ornamental packaging), we offer garden design, garden building and wintering services for our customers. For companies we provide ornamental plant decoration, office decorating and nursering of plants.

Oázis Gardening Franchise Chain of Stores

What called the Oázis Gardening chain of stores into existence? 
In the past 20 years small-and middle-sized gardening entrepreneurships have been forming regularly in Hungary. In the beginning these firms were able to satisfy the constantly growing consumer needs, triggered by the growth of life standards. The super – and hypermarkets, later the DIY warehouses recognized the possibilities of gardening products, and started an aggressive market conquering in the field. From the mid 90’s the market has expanded 20-30% annually, and they have covered 70-80% of this growth. The main reason for that, is the small and middle-sized garden centers could not take up the challenge on their own with the bigger, more experienced chains, in fields of marketing, supply and tool management and know-hows. The sales and management of gardening products requires more specific professional knowledge than any other goods. Those chains which had not developed in these fields, can not threaten those thematic, specialized competitions.

How is the chain of stores build up? 
The system of Oázis Gardens distinguishes three main functions:

FR system Investor Operator
(Oázis Ltd in every case) (real estate investor ) (FR recipient)
The professional (gardening, financial and marketing) preparation of business planning Getting of trade permissions, dealing with FR rights
Controlling the execution of the investment The execution of the investment, getting the appropriate building permission Ensuring the financial background for rotating goods, supplies
Marketing strategies (sale systems, advertising management), business planning The utilization and renting of the property Operating the trading activities, continuously, professionally, and customer oriented according to the FR handbook
Image, design, PR activities The operation of property (guarding, maintains, etc.) Taking part in sales, keeping image regulations
Coordination of obtaining , frame contracts
Ensuring image elements Human resource management
Maintaining safety of goods and tools
Quality control Publishing statistical data
Market Research, Consulting Other operative tasks
Other services

Custom sanctified by time, that sometimes the FR Investor and the Operator are the same.

What does Oázis franchise system offer the members? 
For the investors, a real estate investment business and realization plans with professional and marketing regards. Rental and leasing constructions of such, which undoubtedly are favorable among real estate market recoveries. We provide consulting on choosing the territory and the execution of investment and building. Such easy-looking works, like designing the interior, how the sales area is formed and taking care of all the works is already routine for us.
The operator will get better supply possibilities in the fields of products and tools. More efficient financial structures for wholesalers, producer and cultivating companies. We offer to be a part of a known and an acknowledged trade mark, a complete image with all the benefits of a popular company. A well working, proven operational system, how to run a garden center daily. Detailed business plans, monthly and weekly price incomes and expenses. We give intellectual capital, and such a know-how package, which summarizes and evaluates the retail experiences. All in all, we present a full script on how to run a gardening retail unit.

What obligations do franchise members have? 
The fee of joining is a one-time fee, which is 0,5% of the first year’s, planned, net price income. Like in every franchise chain, one must meet some operating and image requirements, and have to take part in common actions. The marketing and management support (trade marks, sale actions, market research, management consulting etc.) is a monthly royalty fee, which is 1% of the monthly, net, price income. However the member is not ordered to buy supplies from the franchise center, but it sure will be profitable, since our system is able to give prices, no other self standing retailer can.

What about the other services? 
Basic services like, credit card payment, transportation, regular customers’ discount system, coupons, consulting, warranty system should be available everywhere, since this is what founds the chain’s reputation. The Oázis chain members are welcome to have other gardening related activities and services as well. For example, a firm, which has been settling watering systems, building lakes and gardens, dealing with ornamental plants so far, can go on with these activities, indeed due to the discounts, it will be able to profit from price gaps.

How flexible is the system? 
Of course we are aware of the domestic affairs, so we try to handle the investment and operating as flexible as we can. We apply ourselves to the local consumer habits. The opening hours, the size of supply, the wages, everything which can not affect the image negatively, is in the control of the Operator. We can not expect everywhere and from everyone the same, but we try to handle even the smallest partner equally. The minimum territory needed for an Oázis Garden Center (1K size) is around 3-4000 m2 basic area, of which 1000 m2 is covered territory (glasshouse), ¾ should be heatable. The minimal investment requirement of an Oázis warehouse is starting around 120-150 million forints. Naturally, there are bigger (2K, 3K, and 4K+ size) and more expensive warehouse plans, and we always investigate the possibilities of efficiency. For every new shopping center, we have development and modification advice, because it is also in our best interest, our partner to be successful.

Who are our role models? 
Naturally, not McDonald’s, although many would think of them, first when it comes to franchise. In Hungary, our initiative is without any example, also because, we have started our work with examining sample companies in the Netherlands and in Germany. We are constantly learning from our own experiences, we have planned, built, watched many stores in full operation, and we have drawn the conclusions. We proudly can say that, Oázis have gathered the most intellectual capital in this field in Middle and Eastern Europe.

To avoid misunderstandings
Oázis does not want to create a competitor web for present and future garden centers, but a united chain, which can take on the “big fish”. The founder of the franchise system is Oázis Garden Ltd., of which, 4 warehouses are also members of the franchise system.

What kind of future does Oázis Franchise face? 
By 2008 the nationwide web has been formed with 18 garden centers, ensuring absolute first place for Oázis in the Hungarian ornamental plant market. The first foreign Oázis Gardens were opened in Slovakia, but we are planning, Romanian, Croatian and Serbian expansion. The founder of the franchise system, Oázis is planning to open more own property stores, mainly in the capital. The size of the chain is limited of course, because all markets impregnates at some point. The center will make constant market researches, local tests in order to find most rentable place to open new garden centers, without damaging the members’ interests. With the size of system, its benefits will also grow. Our mid 5-10 year goal is to open up 35-40 more warehouses nationwide, and 15-20 more in the surrounding countries.

If we have attracted your attention…
Get in touch with us! We examine the possibilities, and if we think you could not meet the requirements not as an investor, nor as operator to join the chain, we will let you know. We will inform you about every detail of the franchise membership, pros and cons, advantages and obligations, we will feed you with our mid- and long-term strategic plans. Opening an Oázis in the right place and time is surely a good investment.

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Company history

István Boross and his wife, Hedvig established Oázis Garden Centre.
Creating the first ornamental plant decorations at the hungarian exhibition centre, Hungexpo.
The first retail shop opens on 350m2 at 45, Kőbányai Road, Budapest. The neighborhood quickly endears the small, always misty glasshouse.
The Oázis Gardener Ltd is legally founded
With the transformation of an old basketball-hall, and the glasshouse, tree nursery built around, the Big Kőbánya Oázis opens.
In Flóra Hungária Oázis plant wholesale services retailer clients.
For our partner companies and corporal clients the services of plant caretaking and wintering is launched.
In Zilah Street in Pasarét, the people of the II. and XII. District get to know the palm tree-logo.
The accessories-wholesaler is founded, where ceramic and plastic pots are sold to our retail partners.
Oázis Soroksár opens, which is the first real garden center in Hungary. Some say, you ought to come here with a three-day survival package.
The first two franchise shop opens in Halásztelek and Kaposvár. Oázis is no longer just for the people of the capital. The first issue of Oázis Magazine is published.
The chain store is growing with two stores in Hajdúszoboszló and in Mohács.
Pest county’s first Oázis, in Monor, is opened on Road 4.
Pest county’s second shop in Diósd on Road 7, and at the end of the year we also open up a store in Orosháza.
Oázis becomes a national chain, in Transdanubia , Ajka, and in the middle of country, Cegléd is also representing us.
The first two foreign stores open their gates, in Slovakia, in Érsekújvár and in Kassa, which is followed by one in Nyíregyháza.
Three new Garden centers open at spring in Csopak, Hajdúnánás Szolnok-Szajol. The fourth Oázis is Budapest opens at autumn in Rákosszentmihály.
At march we open our new stores at Keszthely and Jászberény. At december we open our first “new-generation” Garden Center at Budakeszi, which can prudly be compared to any modern Western European Garden Centers.
New Garden Center at Tatabánya, and our twentieth store in Trnava, Slovakia open their gates.
Oázis is 21 years old!
New Stores at Székesfehérvár and Szeged. Company founder István Boross passes away. Oázis is lead by the second generation of the Boross Family.
New Garden Center at Debrecen open in september.
New Garden Center at Kecskemét open in march.
New Garden Center at Törökbálint open in march.